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How does Makers' Meet work?

Makers' Meets are planned to give support and guidance to the members. These meets will encourage members to work on the mentioned activities (1-2 activities a week). During the weekly meets, they can discuss their work and results with their peers and mentors. All the resources, instructions and tutorials required to carry out the activities will be sent to the members at the beginning of the week. 

They can complete and solve any issues at the makers' meet.

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What is a Makers Club?

A Makers Club is a gathering of students and STEM ambassadors that meet regularly in an informal environment to work on inquiry-based Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths related activities. These out-of-timetable sessions enrich and broaden the curriculum, giving young learners the chance to explore STEM subjects.

Clubs are an important outlet to ignite new interest and to raise attainment in STEM subjects through more imaginative and inventive teaching methods. They also encourage the children to engage in hands-on activities, while providing them screen-free entertainment and education.

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What are the main features of The Little Martians Makers ​Club ?

  • Makers' Meet

    • The members and the mentors meet every week to discuss and develop the various projects.

    • The mentors give personalised guidance and help to each member. 

    • A new concept is discussed every month. Each meet ensures that the children gain insights into the various aspects of the topic.

  • Activities & Resources

    • Each month of the 'Makers' come with a bundle of activities and resources, designed to keep the children off-screen .

    • The members get a chance to explore the topic further.

    • Each Makers meet ensure that the members get adequate support to complete these activities.TE

  • Workshops & Grooming Sessions

    •  The members can attend multiple workshops with no additional cost. 

    • Training sessions are held every month on Presentation and Communication Skills to boost their confidence. The session is conducted by an expert in the field.

    • Workshops on topics related to the month's theme are conducted.

  • Meet & Greet STEM Ambassadors

    • 'Makers' is a platform where the members can interact with STEM ambassadors from around the globe.

    • These ambassadors are from a wide range of fields, including Scientists, Analysts, Developers, Environmentalists and much more. 

JOHN COLLINS -The Paper airplane guy

John Collins had been a professional in television since 1979, working as a creative director, executive producer, live television director, camera operator, news graphics supervisor, voice-over artist, and in other capacities, when he designed a paper airplane in 2012 that broke the world record for distance flown. The record still stands, and Collins, whose original designs have since been published in three books (with tear-out planes to fold and fly), translated into German, Russian, and Chinese, is now the world’s foremost paper airplane expert. His designs are recognized around the world; one was featured in the film Paper Planes (2015), which dramatized an Australian boy’s quest to break the world record. In 2016, Collins turned paper airplanes into a full-time career, launching the National Paper Airplane Contest and providing STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education programs to aviation and space museums, science museums, libraries, and schools across the U.S.

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Shri. S Ananthanarayanan

Distinguished Scientist & Author

Shri S Ananthanarayanan served as a senior Scientist at Defence Research and Development Organisation for 40 years. He also served as the director of NPOL - Naval Physical and Oceanographic Laboratory, Cochin from 2007 - 2015.

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Praba Soundararajan

Founder of BOON-dah

Growing up in India, Praba was a reluctant reader during his childhood and much of his earlier part of adulthood. After moving to North America to pursue an education in Neuroscience, he discovered his reason for being a reluctant reader. Praba was a visual learner. He started reading short stories, science, and engineering books that were pictorial. He then began to write stories for children with the hope of inspiring young reluctant readers. Praba created Pumpus the Pumpkin and his pals to teach STEM through storytelling using characters relatable to children. If there was one thing Praba wished, it would be a time machine to travel back and give his younger self the Pumpus adventure books. Then, he could have enjoyed reading as a child and gotten inspired! Until he figures that out, he’ll just continue to inspire kids by writing Pumpus adventure books.

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Emilia Angelilo


Emilia is a RSCiTech Science Technician and a STEM ambassador working at the Sancton Wood School in Cambridge.⁣ She has completed her studies in Italy where she gained a Bachelor degree in Biology and a Master’s Degree in Microbiology and Virology. Later on Emilia changed her career and started working in Education. She's a certified STEM Ambassador from National STEM Learning Center, UK.Emilia’s mission is to inspire the kids and make them passionate about science and willing to take science careers; it also gives her the opportunity to support the role of women in science and values such as equality and diversity in science.


Ramya Arun

Language Coach

Ramya Arun is an 'Exceptinalism' coach, vivacious trainer and a high impact public speaker with a drive to transform people and bring out the best in them. She keeps her audience enthralled with her enthusiasm and positive energy and is a highly sought-after speaker. She strongly believes that success comes from being one in a million and not one among a million.


Abhijeet Satani


Being fascinated by the mysteries of the human mind, Abhijeet Satani started to link diversified subject matters like mathematics, philosophy and design, principles of physics into medical sciences and tried to incorporate these links into his robotics and brain–computer interface (BCI) experiments. Over 7 years of research, Satani successfully created a brain–computer interface (BCI). Satani also worked on solving brain related diseases such as –Paralysis by developing and successfully testing an exoskeleton that works on the principle of Electromyography. For Polio – he is in the process of recording EEG wave pattern to develop a solution.


Dr. Sonali Dasgupta

Research Scientist

An alumni of IIT Delhi, Sonali has worked in academic and corporate research at world-renowned international labs and disruptive technology hubs across Europe and USA, for more than a decade. She has over 100 research publications in international journals and conferences.


Ritu Rathod

Language Coach

Ritu Rathod is a mentor to children and teaches them how to learn. In creative writing and speaking, she coaches students to emphasize on narrative craft and use of powerful vocabulary. She owns a masters degree and has taught both in Mumbai and New York for last 30 years.


Vikram Londhe has 10 years experience of working in astronomy and Space science Experiential learning. He is the CO at India's first astronomical observatory and Space Science Centre. He is a Fellow of Royal Astronomical Society, London. He has worked at NASA's World's Largest Telescope, Hawaii, USA.

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