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MAKERS' HOUR- Destination Outer Space

30 January 2021

The Makers theme for the month of January was Destination Outer Space.Throughout the month the makers learnt, discussed, collaborated, researched and developed ideas on the project - 'Making Mars Habitable'. 

Destination Outer Space (JANUARY) - STEM Ambassador


Shri. S Ananthanarayanan

Distinguished Scientist & Author

Shri S Ananthanarayanan served as a senior Scientist at Defence Research and Development Organisation for 40 years. He also served as the director of NPOL - Naval Physical and Oceanographic Laboratory, Cochin from 2007 - 2015.

Destination Outer Space (JANUARY) - Expert Panel 


Ritu Rathod

Language Coach

Ritu Rathod is a mentor to children and teaches them how to learn. In creative writing and speaking, she coaches students to emphasize on narrative craft and use of powerful vocabulary. She owns a masters degree and has taught both in Mumbai and New York for last 30 years.


Vikram Londhe has 10 years experience of working in astronomy and Space science Experiential learning. He is the CO at India's first astronomical observatory and Space Science Centre. He is a Fellow of Royal Astronomical Society, London. He has worked at NASA's World's Largest Telescope, Hawaii, USA.

Vikram D. Londhe


Destination Outer Space (JANUARY) - Resources 

Mars Helicopter - Ingenuity

paper Helicopter

Plants in Space

Mini Greenhouse

Robotic Arm

Space Suits

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