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ECON STEM Ambassadors

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Praba Soundararajan

Founder of BOON-dah

Growing up in India, Praba was a reluctant reader during his childhood and much of his earlier part of adulthood. After moving to North America to pursue an education in Neuroscience, he discovered his reason for being a reluctant reader. Praba was a visual learner. He started reading short stories, science, and engineering books that were pictorial. He then began to write stories for children with the hope of inspiring young reluctant readers. Praba created Pumpus the Pumpkin and his pals to teach STEM through storytelling using characters relatable to children. If there was one thing Praba wished, it would be a time machine to travel back and give his younger self the Pumpus adventure books. Then, he could have enjoyed reading as a child and gotten inspired! Until he figures that out, he’ll just continue to inspire kids by writing Pumpus adventure books.

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Emilia Angelilo


Emilia is a RSCiTech Science Technician and a STEM ambassador working at the Sancton Wood School in Cambridge.⁣ She has completed her studies in Italy where she gained a Bachelor degree in Biology and a Master’s Degree in Microbiology and Virology. Later on Emilia changed her career and started working in Education. She's a certified STEM Ambassador from National STEM Learning Center, UK.Emilia’s mission is to inspire the kids and make them passionate about science and willing to take science careers; it also gives her the opportunity to support the role of women in science and values such as equality and diversity in science.


Ramya Arun

Language Coach

Ramya Arun is an 'Exceptinalism' coach, vivacious trainer and a high impact public speaker with a drive to transform people and bring out the best in them. She keeps her audience enthralled with her enthusiasm and positive energy and is a highly sought-after speaker. She strongly believes that success comes from being one in a million and not one among a million.

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