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About Us

STEM with Arts is our way of life

Born with the idea of inspiring young minds, and mentoring them to find meaningful footing in this challenging world, The Little Martians is a platform for all youngsters to explore and grow. Based on the concept of experiential learning, we bring to you a school of thought, one step at a time.

We, at the Little Martians, believe that Science has to be experienced and not taught. With us, children learn from real-life activities and first hand experience. We integrate art  in all the activities to boost their creativity and improve their interest in the subject.  Children are born with innate curiosity and we nurture this curiosity to form useful results. 


We use inquiry based learning methods. The student is at the heart of inquiry-based learning. Each student’s actions and prior knowledge create a unique and personal approach to the material.

Inquiry-based learning begins with questions that come from the everyday experiences of children and young people. Children are constantly observing the phenomena of their environment and everyday lives. They describe, compare, and interpret these experiences. This is where our lessons begin and young learners can recognize the real-life relevance of a subject. 

Learning is a two way process at The Little Martians.  We explore, experiment and learn with our young learners.

There is no wrong answer at 'The Little Martians' - only different ways of solving problems!

Meet Our STEMinists

The Little Martians is the brain child of two young women engineers, Khadeeja Rahman & Amina Zulfi, who share a passion for learning and science. The flaws in the current educational system, and a deep desire to introduce innovations without losing the traditional values in  school curriculum led to the founding of the firm. 

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